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John Skrbec  Alex Stanford   Matt Mendenhall

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  Name Year(s) College(s) Position Highest/Current Level
A Allen, Brenton 2011 UCLA Outfield A - Auburn Doubledays
  Allianic, Trent 2011 Hawai'i RHP NCAA Division I 
  Anderson, Kyle 2011 Cal Poly LHP AA - Mobile BayBears
  Anderson, Ryan 2016 Nevada LHP NCAA Division I
  Anderson, Simon 2011-12 North Dakota State RHP IND - Taos Blizzard  
  Arlt, Joe 2012-13 Central Washington LHP NCAA Division II
  Ashby, Doug 2012 Baylor LHP NCAA Division I
  Ay, Bobby 2016 Cal Poly RHP NCAA Division I
  Ayres, Clayten 2014-16 Georgia College & State Infield NCAA Division II
B Baird, Ben 2016 Washington Infield NCAA Division I
  Barker, Garrett 2014 UCLA LHP NCAA Division I
  Benson, Michael 2015 UCLA C NCAA Division I
  Biagi, Brian 2010 Lewis-Clark State RHP NAIA
  Billen, Tyler 2011-12 SW Oklahoma State LHP NCAA Division II
  Bonczyk, Alex 2011-12 Gonzaga Outfield NCAA Division I
  Bornstein, Josh 2013 UC Irvine RHP NCAA Division I
  Bouchard, Sean 2014 UCLA Infield NCAA Division I
  Bozett, Beau 2013 San Francisco Outfield NCAA Division I
  Brackenridge, Kalani 2011-12 Hawaii Infield NCAA Division I
  Braden, Deven 2010 Chico State Infield IND - Grand Prairie AirHogs
  Brandon, Zach 2012 Linfield College RHP NCAA Division III
  Brija, Sean-Luke 2013, 2015-16 Gonzaga RHP NCAA Division I
  Browne, Jake 2014 Bellevue C NAIA
  Burke, A.J. 2010 Western Oregon RHP A - Vermont Lake Monsters
C Campbell, James 2011 Pomona-Pitzer In/Outfield NCAA Division III
  Campeau, Jake 2013-14 Montana State Billings RHP NCAA Division II
  Carkner, A.J. 2014-16 Pikeville RHP NAIA
  Carroll, Cody 2014 Treasure Valley CC RHP Junior College
  Chavez, Denver 2010-11 Cal Poly Infield A - Hillsboro Hops
  Christie, Doug 2011 Hawaii Pacific RHP NCAA Division II
  Christina, Drew 2013 Montana State Billings LHP NCAA Division II
  Chung, Patrick 2016 Gonzaga Infield NCAA Division I
  Clanton, Zach 2010 Lewis-Clark State RHP NAIA 
  Comer, Matt 2010 Montana State Outfield NCAA Division I
  Contreras, Mark 2014 UC Riverside Infield NCAA Division I
  Cooper, Ryan 2012 UC Irvine Outfield NCAA Division I
  Cosca, Jack 2016 California RHP NCAA Division I
  Coss, Parker 2015 UC Irvine Infield NCAA Division I
  Crippen, Russell 2014 Abilene Christian Infield/RHP NCAA Division I
  Culligan, Tim 2011 Nevada RHP NCAA Division I
D Daniel, Josh 2010 St. John's (NY) C NCAA Division I
  DeMers, Joe 2015 Washington RHP NCAA Division I
  Dillman, Connor 2013 Emory RHP NCAA Division III
  Dimlow, Billy 2016 Emory RHP NCAA Division III
  Dove, Dillon 2014 Tennessee Wesleyan LHP NAIA
  Doyle, Connor 2016 San Diego Outfield NCAA Division I
  Dozier, Kyle 2015 Loyola Marymount Outfield NCAA Division I
  Dreiling, Jordan 2010 Kansas Infield

NCAA Division I

  Duarte, Mike 2014 UC Irvine Infield NCAA Division I
  Duer, Hayden 2016 Cal State Monterey Bay C NCAA Division II
  Dupart, Curtis 2010 Washington State RHP/Outfield NCAA Division I
  Duran, Jarren 2016 Long Beach State Infield NCAA Division I
E Eskil, Adam 2015 Saint Martin's Infield NCAA Division II
F Ferrante, Aldo 2014 Southeastern C IND - Pittsburg Mettle
  Fisher, Alex 2014-15 Portland RHP NCAA Division I
  Flaa, Jay 2014 North Dakota State RHP A - Delmarva Shorebirds
  Ford, Grant 2016 Nevada RHP NCAA Division I
  Frabasilio, Jordan 2014 Pittsburgh Infield NCAA Division I
  Fraser, Beau 2012 Portland C NCAA Division I
  Freedman, Jack 2015 UNLV LHP NCAA Division I
G Gamboa, Max 2015 Pepperdine RHP NCAA Division I
  Gamez, Juan 2015 North Dakota State C Rk - GCL Twins
  Garza, Marc 2012 Central Washington Infield NCAA Division II
  Geary, David 2015-16 Virginia Military Infield NCAA Division I
  Gentili, Nick 2011 Pomona-Pitzer Outfield NCAA Division III
  Gonzales, Jarod 2013-14 Gonzaga Infield NCAA Division I
  Gorman, Micah 2015 Virginia Military RHP NCAA Division I
  Gottschling, Scott 2010-11 UC-Irvine Outfield NCAA Division I
  Greisman, Brian 2014 Wichita State RHP NCAA Division I
H Hager, Myles 2015-16 Cal State Monterey Bay Infield NCAA Division II
  Haight, Jake 2010 Edmonds CC RHP Junior College
  Halamandaris, Nick 2015-16 California Infield Rk - AZL Mariners
  Hall, Matt 2013 Missouri State LHP A - Lakeland Flying Tigers
  Handcox, Moe 2014 Briar Cliff Outfield NAIA
  Hansen, Hans 2014 Emory RHP NCAA Division III
  Harjung, Mat 2010 Missouri Baptist Outfield NAIA
  Harris, Jonathan 2013 Missouri State RHP AA - New Hampshire Fisher Cats
  Hart, Matt 2010 USC RHP NCAA Division I
  Haseltine, Trevin 2015 California RHP NCAA Division I
  Hawk, Kevin 2011-13 Gonzaga C NCAA Division I
  Heaps, Austin 2011 Utah Valley Infield NCAA Division I
  Hechtner, Jon 2015-16 North Dakota State Outfield NCAA Division I
  Helton, Bret 2013 Utah RHP/Infield A - West Virginia Power
  Henderson Cole 2016 Nevada RHP NCAA Division I
  Herkins, Jono 2013 UC Irvine Outfield NCAA Division I
  Heywood, Paul 2015-16 Whitman Infield NCAA Division III
  Hobson, Spencer 2014 Whitman LHP NCAA Division III
  Holbrook, Connor 2013 Montana State Billings C NCAA Division II
  Holt, Dennis 2010 UCLA LHP/1B NCAA Division I
  Houser, Jesse 2013-14 Washington State Outfielder/RHP NCAA Division I
  Hoverson, Aaron 2011 Winona State RHP NCAA Division II
  Hummel, Cooper 2014 Portland C Rk - Helena Brewers
I Imhof, Matt 2012 Cal Poly LHP A - Clearwater Threshers
J Jacobs, Brett 2011-12 Washington State Infield NCAA Division I
  Jewett, Daniel 2011 Nebraska-Omaha LHP NCAA Division II
  Johnson, Ronnie 2010 Bellevue RHP NAIA
  Johnston, Ryan 2016 UC Irvine Outfield NCAA Division I
  Jondal, Alex 2015-16 Hawai'i RHP NCAA Division I
  Jones, Taylor 2013 Gonzaga RHP A- Tri-City ValleyCats
  Jordan, Jared 2012 Walla Walla CC Infield Junior College
K Kallunki, Goose 2011 Utah Valley State Infield A - Eugene Emeralds
  Kauhaahaa, Coby 2016 Cal State Fullerton Infield NCAA Division I
  Kemmerer, Jacob 2010 Liberty  RHP NCAA Division I
  Kerns, Chris 2010 Utah Valley RHP NCAA Division I
  Kerwood, Chris 2014 Wright State RHP NCAA Division I
  Kimball, Ryan 2016 Walla Walla CC RHP Junior College
  Kingsley, Kyle 2012 North Dakota State RHP IND - Sioux Falls Canaries
  Kopach, Connor 2015-16 Southern Illinois Infield NCAA Division I
  Kopacz, Chance 2011-12 Concordia Irvine Outfield NAIA
  Kuntz, Kevin 2010 Kansas Infield A - Lexington Legends


Ladrech, Matt 2015 California LHP NCAA Division I


Lawhead, Conner 2012-13 Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne RHP NCAA Division I
  Leach, Michael 2011 North Dakota State C IND - Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks
  Leckenby, J.D. 2013 Washington State RHP NCAA Division I
  Levin, Alex 2010 USC RHP NCAA Division I
  Lindell, Kramer 2013 Linfield Outfield NCAA Division III
  Litchfield, Jimmy 2011 UC-Irvine LHP NCAA Division I
  Littlefield, Ryan 2014 Portland Outfield NCAA Division I
  Lovejoy, Chris 2013 Ball State LHP IND - San Rafael Pacifics
  Lucas, Easton 2015-16 Pepperdine LHP NCAA Division I
M MacIver, Willie 2015-16 Washington C NCAA Division I
  Mack, Cory 2011 Seattle LHP NCAA Division I
  Majors, Matt 2014 UC Irvine RHP NCAA Division I
  Martinez, Jesus 2010 Pima CC Outfield Rk - GCL Orioles
  Martinez, Renae 2013-14 Oklahoma C NCAA Division I
  Mathews, Cody 2014 Grand View LHP NAIA
  Matthews, Andy 2010 Lewis-Clark State Outfield NAIA
  Mazur, Griffin 2016 UC Irvine C NCAA Division I
  McCready, Chris 2015-16 Long Beach State Outfield NCAA Division I
  McKenna, Alex 2015-16 Cal Poly Outfield NCAA Division I
  McLaughlin, Jordan 2010 Truman St. RHP NCAA Division II
  Mendenhall, Andrew 2011, 2014 Oregon Outfield NCAA Division I
  Mendenhall, Matt 2013-14 Washington State Infield NCAA Division I
  Miroglio, Dominic 2013 San Francisco C NCAA Division I
  Molnar, Kyle 2015 UCLA RHP NCAA Division I
  Morin, Parker 2012 Utah C AAA - Omaha Storm Chasers
  Morgan, Kevin 2014 Cal Poly Outfield NCAA Division I
  Mucha, Dyllin 2015-16 Southern Illinois Outfield NCAA Division I
  Murphy, Chris 2016 San Diego LHP NCAA Division I
  Muzzi, Alex 2016 Long Beach State Outfield NCAA Division I
  Myrow, Jordan 2016 UCLA Outfield NCAA Division I
N Narahara, Kyle 2016 Cal State Monterey Bay RHP NCAA Division II
  Nice, Zach 2011 Portland RHP NCAA Division I
  Nixon, Kyle 2014-16 San Francisco Outfield NCAA Division I
  Nyquist, Nick 2016 Gonzaga Infield NCAA Division I
O O'Neil, Conner 2014 Cal State Northridge RHP NCAA Division I
  O'Neil, Spencer 2012-13 Cal State Northridge Infield/Outfield NCAA Division I
  Osborne, Parker 2014-16 Southern Illinois Outfield NCAA Division I
  Overbay, Jacob 2010-11 Nevada RHP NCAA Division I
P Paulino, Kris 2012-13 UC-Irvine Outfield NCAA Division I
  Paulson, Mike 2013-14 New Mexico State Outfield/1B NCAA Division I
  Pentacost, Austin 2010 Lewis-Clark State RHP NAIA
  Persico, Luke 2013 UCLA Outfield A - Vermont Lake Monsters
  Peterson, Derek 2011 Gonzaga RHP NCAA Division I
  Poplawski, Danny 2010 Georgetown Infield NCAA Division I
  Porras, Omar 2014 Central Washington RHP NCAA Division II
  Poteet, Cody 2013 UCLA RHP A - Greensboro Grasshoppers
  Powell, Cooper 2015 Nevada LHP NCAA Division I
R Ramirez, Christian 2010 UC-Irvine Outfield IND - White Sands Pupfish
  Rapacz, Zach 2014 George Fox Outfield NCAA Division III
  Reay, Zach 2013 Central Washington C NCAA Division II
  Reyes, Arturo 2012 Gonzaga RHP AAA - Memphis Redbirds
  Richard, Michael 2010 Oklahoma City LHP NAIA
  Richardson, Ryan 2010-11 Campbellsville RHP IND - Lake Erie Crushers
  Richman, Cam 2015 Portland RHP NCAA Division I
  Roberts, Tyler 2012 Central Washington RHP NCAA Division II
  Robinson, J.J. 2012, 2014 Washington State C/UTL NCAA Division I
  Ruff, Ben 2012 Seattle  UTL IND - Fort Worth Cats
  Rutherford, Cole 2016 Cornell Infield NCAA Division I
S Sani, Kyle 2010 Central Washingtion C NCAA Division II
  Santschi, Sean 2011 Gonzaga RHP NCAA Division I
  Scheidler, Nick 2016 UCLA LHP NCAA Division I
  Serkowski, Colin 2013 Trinity (TX) RHP NCAA Division III
  Silva, Scott 2013 Fresno State Infield NCAA Division I
  Silva, Sean 2013 USC LHP NCAA Division I
  Skrbec, John 2013-14 North Dakota State Infield NCAA Division I
  Smith, DJ 2012 Spokane CC RHP Junior College
  Soja, Geoff 2011 Niagara RHP NCAA Division I
  Southall, Reggie 2013 USC Infield NCAA Division I
  Stanfield, James 2010 Kansas C NCAA Division I
  Stanford, Alex 2011 Gonzaga 2B NCAA Division I
  Stewart, Elliot 2010-11 Cal Poly C NCAA Division I
  Strieby, Karsten 2010 Faulkner 1B NAIA
  Suppan, Dylan 2016 College of the Canyons RHP Junior College
T Tate, Chris 2015 Trinity (TX) LHP NCAA Division III
  Turner, Jarrod 2012 Western Oregon C NCAA Division II
  Tygerson, Garrett 2012 Lewis-Clark State RHP NAIA
U Ulvestad, Travis 2015 San Francisco RHP NCAA Division I
V Vigo, Nick 2016 Cal State Monterey Bay LHP NCAA Division II
  Villanueva, Hunter 2016 Fresno Pacific UTL NCAA Division II
  Vilter, Nick 2012-13 UC Riverside Infield AA - San Antonio Missions
  Virant, Hunter 2012 UCLA LHP NCAA Division I
W Wagman, Joey 2010 Cal Poly RHP AA - Midland RockHounds
  Wagner, Josh 2013 Northern Colorado RHP NCAA Division I
  Walker, Matt 2014 UCLA RHP NCAA Division I
  Watson, Brett 2011 Walla Walla CC LHP Junior College
  Weeg, Jackson 2016 Emory LHP NCAA Division III
  Weisz, Zach 2016 Cal State Fullerton Outfield NCAA Division I
  Wentz, Zach 2011 North Dakota State Infield IND - Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks
  West, Luke 2012 Utah RHP NCAA Division I
  Whitney, Matt 2015-16 San Diego Infield NCAA Division I
  Wilbert, Dylan 2015-16 Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne C NCAA Division I
  Williams, Adrian 2010 UCLA Infield AAA - Nashville Sounds
  Williams, Branden 2016 UC Riverside C NCAA Division I
  Williams, Kevin 2010-11    UCLA Infield/Outfield NCAA Division I
  Windsor, Justin 2010 Walla Walla CC Outfield Junior College
  Wylie, Jake 2013 Linfield C NCAA Division III
Y Yanzick, Marshall 2010 Cornell Infield NCAA Division I
  Yardley, Eric 2011 Seattle RHP AAA - El Paso Chihuahuas
  Young, Kody 2010-11 Liberty RHP NCAA Division I
Z Zandona, Danny 2013 Cal Poly RHP A - Lowell Spinners
  Zeile, Shane 2012 UCLA Infield A - West Michigan Whitecaps
  Zill, Jarred 2015 Cal Poly RHP NCAA Division I